Cotswold History Hunters

Some of the recent finds......

Medieval Ampulla 13th - 15th Century

Small lead flask originally containing holy water

Roman Coin

Roman Coin issued by Constantine 1st from 312 – 317 AD.

Issued to celebrate Rome. Showing Romulus and Remus drinking from the Wolf 

Queen Elizabeth 1st Silver Sixpence

Queen Elizabeth 1st Silver Sixpence. With Portcullis Mint Mark Dating The Coin To 1566

Queen Mary 1st Groat

Queen Mary 1st Groat 


King Henry 3rd Penny

Silver King Henry 3rd hammered Penny 1216 – 1272

Henry 3rd Hammered Penny

Coin Weight - James 1st

A post medieval coin weight for a quarter laurel (5 shillings) of James I (1603 – 1625). The weight is circular in plan and bi-faced.

Obverse: crowned bust of James I right with the legend I·R·  M·BRI·

Reverse: crown over V·s VI·D

Spindle Whorl

This is an undecorated lead conical spindle whorl with an off centre hole. Plain lead spindle whorls and weights were cast locally from the Roman period to the Post Medieval Period, therefore making them hard to date precisely.